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“We purchased a home in Chelsea Place from San Joaquin Valley Homes. We chose the Belmonte because of all the great space and floor plan. It’s a single-story home with the master bedroom on the opposite side of the extra bedrooms. We enjoy having a living room, TV room and a designated study. Karen and Amber, our sales agents, and Curt, our home supervisor, were all great to work with. Karen went out of her way to help us. She showed us multiple lots and many houses in the process of being built, which really helped us choose the best options for our home. Curt answered all our questions and assisted us during the entire building process, even with last minute requests. We love our home and added a wider driveway and beautiful landscaping to our front yard. It’s the perfect sized yard for me to maintain. San Joaquin Valley Homes builds a quality product, and if there are minor issues, typical of new construction, they honor their warranty and fix them. They’re a quality local builder that stands behind their homes.”

Skip & Lynn
Homeowners in San Joaquin Valley Homes Chelsea Place Neighborhood


 "I met my husband Josh at Fresno State. We moved to Visalia, where I grew up and rented while we were deciding where we wanted to live. I was working in Advertising Sales at that time and he’s a Physician Assistant. We chose the San Marino neighborhood and were the first people to sign a contract. That’s when we began our relationship with our sales agent Victor and San Joaquin Valley Homes. It’s easy for me to say; we had no problems with our home. It was a smooth process from beginning to the end. I truly recommend San Joaquin Valley Homes to anyone. They take the time to know each individual buyer, you are not just a number. San Joaquin Valley Homes treated us really well – even before I joined their team! I can relate my personal experiences of being a first-time homebuyer and why we chose SJV Homes. We were excited and nervous at the same time. Being able to share my personal story with potential homebuyers is great. I love to help people get into a home and to give back what Victor, our sales agent gave us when we were buying. As an employee, I feel like part of a close family. Our neighbors really like that San Joaquin Valley is a local company. They keep their word and want to make every homebuyer happy.”

Janeen Day
Homeowner in San Joaquin Valley Homes San Marino Neighborhood & SJVH New Home Sales Specialist


“My husband Mark and I purchased the biggest model in Tuscany so when our family visits they have their own space, including a bedroom and bathroom in the loft. We had never built a new home before so there were many experiences that were new to us. Our sales agent, Carrie, made them simple to understand. She walked us through everything. We really liked the range of choices we were able to select from for our home. I love having two master closets. The dining room looks out to the patio, where we have French doors, and the window looks onto the garden, which is very pleasing and relaxing. As a company San Joaquin Valley Homes was so easy to work with. Our home’s building supervisor Mark took care of everything, even things that needed correcting, which is common in a new build. San Joaquin Valley Homes told us that they have a goal for their homeowners:‘to be happy and always taken care of’, and they meant it. If we needed them, they were there. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend San Joaquin Valley Homes to anyone.”

Susan Reep & Mark Smith
Homeowners in San Joaquin Valley Homes Tuscany Neighborhood




San Joaquin Valley Homes is deeply-rooted in residential construction. Our principals have over 75 years combined experience in building quality homes and attractive neighborhoods for thousands of San Joaquin Valley residents.

We are committed to making your home-buying experience a happy one from the first handshake to the moment we hand you the keys. Our after-sales service program is our way of making sure your home has met our high standards for comfort, aesthetics and affordability for years to come. Service is always first, and quality is never compromised.

We thank you for considering San Joaquin Valley Homes. We realize that selecting someone to build your home is an act of trust and the beginning of an exciting venture. We take our role in this venture to heart, and consider it an honor when you choose us to build your home.

BuilderStoryphoto About Our Founders:

In 1997 Joe Leal, Jim Robinson and Randy Merrill began working together for a residential builder. Joe had a background in business management and finance, Jim's expertise was in the engineering field, and Randy excelled in residential construction. The three men were instrumental in growing the new company from 14 home closings in its first year to over 300 annually. In 2002, the burgeoning business was acquired by a national homebuilder headquartered in San Diego, and by 2006, they were overseeing the construction of more than 800 quality homes a year.

The three men discovered that they shared the same work ethic and personal values. This solidified their friendships and strengthened their effectiveness as a team. Whenever there was a quality-related issue during construction, the men would ask themselves, "Would our own wives be happy with it?" Using this standard earned a lot of customer loyalty and trust. The three men began to share a vision--to own a company that incorporated all the positive things they had learned through the years, delivering the same level of excellence, through every level of home-building. San Joaquin Valley Homes is the result of that vision.

Joe, Jim and Randy are committed to being the best at what they do--building wonderful homes, in great neighborhoods, in well-planned Valley cities. They are committed to being with you every step of the way through your home construction, and they are committed to being here many years after you've moved in. They realize that a stellar reputation is only earned through an abiding commitment to stellar service--not some of the time, not when it's easy, but every day with each and every home-buyer, one home at a time. They hope you'll give them the opportunity to build the home of your dreams, and make you another loyal member of their San Joaquin Valley Homes family.


5607 Avenida De Los Robles
Visalia, California 93291