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Moving with Your Pet to Homes for Sale in The Central Valley

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Moving to a new home is a stressful time that can become exciting for your family with a lot of conversation, questions, and answers. The four-legged members of your family, your pets, will feel the same stress but can’t relieve their anxieties by talking. Fortunately, you can ease their transition to the new space with the following strategies.

Begin with A Visit
If the new property is close enough to your old one, you’ve probably taken your family on multiple visits to check out the premises. If your pet can be secured, such as by putting your dog on a leash, be sure to take it along as well. First, get permission from the property managers on when that’s possible. Construction sites can be dangerous for pets. Then, show your pet around the new home so it becomes more familiar with the new surroundings. If you can, take your dog for a walk on the same route you intend to use when you move in.

Prepping with Boxes
Cats are generally not big fans of a move and may disappear outdoors come the big day. Weeks or months before the move, get your pet used to the idea by putting moving boxes and a cat carrier in the room you intend to pack last. Your feline friend loves to explore confined space and will be entertained by these new objects. Putting favorite toys and edible treats there will also help with familiarization. This technique also works with small dogs that you intend put into a carrier. Read the rest of this entry »

Hanford Sentinel: “Home builder plants 3rd, 4th subdivision”

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Kings County Business Pulse

Jan 27, 2017    By John Lindt

Fast growing San Joaquin Valley Homes is working on a third and fourth new home subdivision in Hanford this new year. Banking on future growth, the Visalia-based builder is promoting an annexation of 80 acres on Fargo between 11th and 13th Avenues. The project will be coming to the city planning commission in the next few months. According to the application, about 40 acres of the new development will be earmarked for 127 new single family homes as well as a park and storm basin. The remaining acreage, another project, will be zoned for future residential as well.

San Joaquin Valley Homes spokesperson Lisa Walker says firm details on the new developments are to available yet. “It’s early in our entitlement process,” she says.

Just last November, the homebuilder broke ground on their second subdivision in town – at 12th and Hume where they will build 115 homes.

Their original Hanford project called Hartley Grove, launched in 2013 with 182 home sites, surfaced as Kings County was just coming out of the housing bust. Homes here start at $219,000.

Today Kings County is considered the most affordable county in California, where 56 percent of the population is able to buy a median priced home. Statewide, the median average is $516,000 with just 31 percent of residents able to afford a home.

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Greet The Taxman With Homes For Sale In The Central Valley

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One of the great advantages of buying one of our homes for sale in the Central Valley are the tax deductions you suddenly gain, which puts extra cash in your pocket. But you need to document your spending if you want the IRS to show you the money.

January is an excellent time to start gathering all the paperwork, if you bought your house last year, or to start creating a filing system for it, if you’re planning on buying property this year. The following are just some of the tax breaks you’re entitled to with your purchase.

Mortgage Interest
This is the biggie with deductions amounting to thousands of dollars annually because most of your monthly payment at first goes to mortgage interest and not the principle. Every penny of interest is deductible unless your loan totals more than $1 million, which then puts limits on what you can deduct. If you happen to own a second home, then interest payments on that property are deductible as well. You’ll typically receive a statement from your lender at the end of the year detailing your total interest payments. Read the rest of this entry »

Hanford Sentinel: “New builder comes to Hanford”

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Kings County Business Pulse

Jan 19, 2017  By John Lindt

“Hanford is experiencing a housing boom” says the city’s top building official – Tom Webb. “We keep track on a fiscal year basis, and we estimated that from July 2016 to July 2017 we would be around 250 new home permits. It turns out at the half year mark as of Jan. 1, we have already permitted 218 homes.”

Webb says some builders may have moved up their applications because user fees rose as of January but activity is brisk, nevertheless.

City figures show a rising construction tide as Hanford permitted 163 new homes in 2014/15 and 225 in 2015/16. This year could be over 300.

Kings County’s busiest builder is Lennar followed by Woodside Homes, San Joaquin Valley Homes and Wathen Castanos Hybrid Homes followed by Blue Mountain Construction.

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Cleaning Up for the New Year in San Joaquin Valley Homes

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Cleaning up around the house is something you do everyday by wiping away counter stains, dusting furniture, and vacuuming the carpet. But the process can refer to deeper levels of fixing, organizing, and maintaining that you need to do at least one a year to keep your home in order. Here are three ways of cleaning up to give you a great start to 2017.

If you’re not backing up your computer, laptop, and other personal devices regularly then you risk losing irrecoverable data if the hard disks on those devices break down or become inaccessible. Now is a good time to start regular backups by using paid or free programs that automate the process. Some good free examples include Easeus Todo Backup, Comodo Backup, or AOEMEI Backupper Standard.

All these programs tend to work in the same way. You specify how often you want your drive to be backed up – once a week is typical. You then specify where you want to the backup copy to go. As a destination, a stand-alone hard drive offers greater security because it can only be accessed physically. Unfortunately, if a disaster strikes your home and destroys your computer, it will most likely wipe out your drive as well. Read the rest of this entry »

Homes For Sale In The Central Valley: 2016 By The Numbers

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Trying to understand how the real estate market works can be a daunting task. Things as unrelated as the California economy, interest rates, and the local job market make the housing market rise and fall. One way to get a handle on what happens to homes for sale in the Central Valley is to look at some of the numbers for 2016.

4.124 Percent
Mortgage interest rates showed a jump from 3.5 to 4.124 percent in the week ending December 9, according to the Visalia Times-Delta. This is the highest level that 30-year fixed-rate loans have been in over a year and could mean a $50 increase in monthly payments. While such a difference may not affect those with good jobs, it may prevent some buyers from qualifying for the strict debt-to-income rations that are now required by lenders. In addition, the Federal Reserve Bank is expected to raise the lending rate further this year. Your best defense against all these potential rate increases is to get pre-qualified for a specific loan as soon as possible, so you can lock in a lower rate.

The $275,665 floor
In the Southern San Joaquin Valley, the Federal Housing Administration will be increasing its floor on home loans from $271,050 to $275,665. This is mostly due to increases in area housing prices. This increase helps to balance out the increase in mortgage rates since it allows buyers to obtain loans on slightly more expensive homes. Contact your lender and see how this increase affects your pre-qualification or pre-approval price. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips On Returning Gifts from San Joaquin Valley Homes

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The holidays make you grateful for the family and friends who have supported you, especially when they get you presents that celebrate your new abode. You can use many of the gifts in the coming year. But you may have also gotten more than one coffee maker or toaster. And then there are the items that make you wonder what the giver was thinking, like the weird scarf or Elvis nick-knack. Fortunately, you can return stuff you don’t want if you follow these tips.

Find the gift receipt.
The more thoughtful of your friends will have included a gift receipt in what they’ve given you. This small piece of paper proves that the item came from a specific store but does not document the price. Many retailers require a receipt before they’ll process a return. More practical givers include this piece of paper in the envelope outside the gift. Others may have put the receipt inside the box itself.

If the receipt is missing, you can always ask the giver if they have one lying around or if they can scan a copy and email it to you. But exercise care in the request. Your closest bro probably won’t have a problem doing this but your fussy aunt may feel insulted that you’re returning her present. Read the rest of this entry »